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Valgrind Reports

55 valgrind reports:

File Name
mutli_yield_from_with_exception.phpt Multiple yield from on a same Generator throwing an Exception
File Name
bug68547.phpt Bug #68547 (Exif Header component value check error)
bug68799.phpt Bug #68799 (Free called on uninitialized pointer)
bug71534.phpt Bug #71534 (Type confusion in exif_read_data() leading to heap overflow in debug mode)
bug72094.phpt Bug #72094: Out of bounds heap read access in exif header processing
File Name
003.phpt InterBase: misc sql types (may take a while)
004.phpt InterBase: BLOB test
005.phpt InterBase: transactions
006.phpt InterBase: binding (may take a while)
007.phpt InterBase: array handling
bug45373.phpt Bug #45373 (php crash on query with errors in params)
ibase_free_query_001.phpt ibase_free_query(): Basic test
ibase_num_fields_001.phpt ibase_num_fields(): Basic test
ibase_num_params_001.phpt ibase_num_params(): Basic test
ibase_param_info_001.phpt ibase_param_info(): Basic test
ibase_rollback_001.phpt ibase_rollback(): Basic test
ibase_trans_002.phpt ibase_trans(): Basic operations
File Name
ini_use_exceptions_basic.phpt intl.use_exceptions INI setting
transliterator_clone.phpt Transliterator clone handler
transliterator_create_basic.phpt Transliterator::create (basic)
transliterator_create_inverse_basic.phpt Transliterator::createInverse (basic)
transliterator_create_inverse_error.phpt Transliterator::createInverse (error)
transliterator_get_error_code_basic.phpt Transliterator::getErrorCode (basic)
transliterator_get_error_code_error.phpt Transliterator::getErrorCode (error)
transliterator_get_error_message_basic.phpt Transliterator::getErrorMessage (basic)
transliterator_get_error_message_error.phpt Transliterator::getErrorMessage (error)
transliterator_list_ids_basic.phpt Transliterator::listIDs (basic)
transliterator_property_id.phpt Transliterator - "id" property
transliterator_transliterate_basic.phpt Transliterator::transliterate (basic)
transliterator_transliterate_error.phpt Transliterator::transliterate (error)
transliterator_transliterate_variant1.phpt transliterator_transliterate (variant 1, non-transliterator 1st arg)
File Name
bug60616.phpt odbc_exec(): Getting accurate unicode data from query
bug68087.phpt odbc_exec(): Getting accurate date data from query
bug69354.phpt Bug #69354 Incorrect use of SQLColAttributes with ODBC 3.0
bug71171.phpt Bug #71171 odbc_fetch_array generates SIGFAULT, variant 0
odbc_columns_001.phpt odbc_columns(): Basic test
odbc_exec_002.phpt odbc_exec(): Getting data from query
odbc_free_result_001.phpt odbc_free_result(): Basic test
odbc_tables_001.phpt odbc_tables(): Basic test
File Name
bug71443.phpt Bug #71443 (Segfault using built-in webserver with intl using symfony)
File Name
bug65538_002.phpt Bug #65538: SSL context "cafile" disallows URL stream wrappers
File Name
bug62498.phpt PDO PgSQL Bug #62498 (pdo_pgsql inefficient when getColumnMeta() is used), 64-bit
File Name
posix_errno_variation2.phpt Test function posix_errno() by calling it with its expected arguments
posix_kill_basic.phpt Test posix_kill(), posix_get_last_error and posix_strerror() functions : basic functionality
File Name
bug44811.phpt Bug #44811 (Improve error messages when creating new SoapClient which contains invalid data)
File Name
proc_nice_basic.phpt proc_nice() basic behaviour
File Name
bug70172_2.phpt Bug #70172 - Use After Free Vulnerability in unserialize()
File Name
bug61139.phpt Bug #61139 (gzopen leaks when specifying invalid mode)
File Name
016.phpt CLI -a and readline
cli_process_title_unix.phpt Check cli_process_title support on Unix
File Name
run_001.phpt Test argv passing
watch_001.phpt Test simple recursive watchpoint
watch_004.phpt Test detection of inline string manipulations on zval watch
watch_005.phpt Test proper watch comparisons when having multiple levels of indirection from a zval to its value
watch_006.phpt Test multiple watch elements pointing to the same watchpoint


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