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Valgrind Reports

305 valgrind reports:

File Name
ini_use_exceptions_basic.phpt intl.use_exceptions INI setting
transliterator_clone.phpt Transliterator clone handler
transliterator_create_basic.phpt Transliterator::create (basic)
transliterator_create_inverse_basic.phpt Transliterator::createInverse (basic)
transliterator_create_inverse_error.phpt Transliterator::createInverse (error)
transliterator_get_error_code_basic.phpt Transliterator::getErrorCode (basic)
transliterator_get_error_code_error.phpt Transliterator::getErrorCode (error)
transliterator_get_error_message_basic.phpt Transliterator::getErrorMessage (basic)
transliterator_get_error_message_error.phpt Transliterator::getErrorMessage (error)
transliterator_list_ids_basic.phpt Transliterator::listIDs (basic)
transliterator_property_id.phpt Transliterator - "id" property
transliterator_transliterate_basic.phpt Transliterator::transliterate (basic)
transliterator_transliterate_error.phpt Transliterator::transliterate (error)
transliterator_transliterate_variant1.phpt transliterator_transliterate (variant 1, non-transliterator 1st arg)
File Name
array_bind_001.phpt oci_bind_array_by_name() and invalid values 1
array_bind_002.phpt oci_bind_array_by_name() and invalid values 2
array_bind_003.phpt oci_bind_array_by_name() and invalid values 3
array_bind_004.phpt oci_bind_array_by_name() and invalid values 4
array_bind_005.phpt oci_bind_array_by_name() and invalid values 5
array_bind_006.phpt oci_bind_array_by_name(), SQLT_CHR and default max_length
array_bind_007.phpt oci_bind_array_by_name() and invalid values 7
array_bind_008.phpt oci_bind_array_by_name() and invalid values 8
array_bind_009.phpt oci_bind_array_by_name() and invalid values 9
array_bind_010.phpt oci_bind_array_by_name() and invalid values 8
array_bind_011.phpt oci_bind_array_by_name(), SQLT_CHR, default max_length and empty array
array_bind_012.phpt oci_bind_array_by_name(), SQLT_CHR, default max_length and empty array
array_bind_013.phpt oci_bind_array_by_name(), SQLT_CHR, default max_length and empty array
array_bind_014.phpt oci_bind_array_by_name() and NUMBERs
array_bind_bdouble.phpt Unsupported type: oci_bind_array_by_name() and SQLT_BDOUBLE
array_bind_bfloat.phpt Unsupported type: oci_bind_array_by_name() and SQLT_BFLOAT
array_bind_date.phpt oci_bind_array_by_name() and SQLT_ODT
array_bind_date1.phpt oci_bind_array_by_name() and SQLT_ODT
array_bind_float.phpt oci_bind_array_by_name() and SQLT_FLT
array_bind_float1.phpt oci_bind_array_by_name() and SQLT_FLT
array_bind_int.phpt oci_bind_array_by_name() and SQLT_INT
array_bind_int1.phpt oci_bind_array_by_name() and SQLT_INT
array_bind_str.phpt oci_bind_array_by_name() and SQLT_CHR
array_bind_str1.phpt oci_bind_array_by_name() and SQLT_CHR
array_bind_uin.phpt Unsupported type: oci_bind_array_by_name() and SQLT_UIN
b47243_1.phpt Bug #47243 (Crash on exit with ZTS mode)
b47243_2.phpt Bug #47243 (Crash on exit with ZTS mode)
b47243_3.phpt Bug #47243 (Crash on exit with ZTS mode)
bind_char_1_11gR1.phpt SELECT oci_bind_by_name with SQLT_AFC aka CHAR
bind_char_2_11gR1.phpt SELECT oci_bind_by_name with SQLT_AFC aka CHAR and dates
bind_char_3_11gR1.phpt PL/SQL oci_bind_by_name with SQLT_AFC aka CHAR to CHAR parameter
bind_char_4_11gR1.phpt PL/SQL oci_bind_by_name with SQLT_AFC aka CHAR to VARCHAR2 parameter
bind_empty.phpt binding empty values
bind_long.phpt bind LONG field
bind_long_raw.phpt bind LONG RAW field
bind_misccoltypes.phpt Bind miscellaneous column types using default types
bind_misccoltypes_errs.phpt Bind miscellaneous column types and generating errors
bind_number.phpt Bind with NUMBER column variants
bind_query.phpt Bind with various WHERE conditions
bind_raw.phpt bind RAW field
bind_raw_2.phpt bind RAW field with OCI_B_BIN
bind_rowid.phpt Test ROWID bind
bind_sqltafc.phpt Bind tests with SQLT_AFC
bind_sqltchr_1.phpt Bind with SQLT_CHR
bind_sqltchr_2.phpt PL/SQL bind with SQLT_CHR
bind_sqltint.phpt Bind with SQLT_INT
bind_sqltnum_11g.phpt Bind with SQLT_NUM
bind_unsupported_1.phpt Bind with various unsupported bind types
bind_unsupported_2.phpt Bind with various unsupported 10g+ bind types
bug26133.phpt Bug #26133 (ocifreedesc() segfault)
bug27303_1_11gR1.phpt Bug #27303 (OCIBindByName binds numeric PHP values as characters)
bug27303_2_11gR1.phpt Bug #27303 (OCIBindByName binds numeric PHP values as characters)
bug27303_3.phpt Bug #27303 (OCIBindByName binds numeric PHP values as characters)
bug27303_4_11gR1.phpt Bug #27303 (OCIBindByName binds numeric PHP values as characters)
bug32325.phpt Bug #32325 (Cannot retrieve collection using OCI8)
bug35973.phpt Bug #35973 (Error ORA-24806 occurs when trying to fetch a NCLOB field)
bug36010.phpt Bug #36010 (Crash when executing SQL statement with lob parameter twice)
bug36096.phpt Bug #36096 (oci_result() returns garbage after oci_fetch() failed)
bug36403.phpt Bug #36403 (oci_execute no longer supports OCI_DESCRIBE_ONLY)
bug37220.phpt Bug #37220 (LOB Type mismatch when using windows & oci8.dll)
bug37581.phpt Bug #37581 (oci_bind_array_by_name clobbers input array when using SQLT_AFC, AVC)
bug38161.phpt Bug #38161 (oci_bind_by_name() returns garbage when Oracle didn't set the variable)
bug38173.phpt Bug #38173 (Freeing nested cursors causes OCI8 to segfault)
bug40078.phpt Bug #40078 (ORA-01405 when fetching NULL values using oci_bind_array_by_name())
bug40415.phpt Bug #40415 (Using oci_fetchall with nested cursors)
bug41069.phpt Bug #41069 (Oracle crash with certain data over a DB-link when prefetch memory limit used - Oracle bug 6039623)
bug42134.phpt Bug #42134 (Collection error for invalid collection name)
bug42173.phpt Bug #42173 (TIMESTAMP and INTERVAL query and field functions)
bug42496_1.phpt Bug #42496 (LOB fetch leaks cursors, eventually failing with ORA-1000 maximum open cursors reached)
bug42496_2.phpt Bug #42496 (LOB fetch leaks cursors, eventually failing with ORA-1000 maximum open cursors reached)
bug42841.phpt Bug #42841 (REF CURSOR and oci_new_cursor PHP crash)
bug43492.phpt Bug #43492 (Nested cursor leaks)
bug43492_2.phpt Bug #43492 (Nested cursor leaks after related bug #44206 fixed)
bug43497.phpt Bug #43497 (OCI8 XML/getClobVal aka temporary LOBs leak UGA memory)
bug44008.phpt Bug #44008 (Incorrect usage of OCI-Lob->close crashes PHP)
bug44113.phpt Bug #44113 (New collection creation can fail with OCI-22303)
bug44206.phpt Bug #44206 (Test if selecting ref cursors leads to ORA-1000 maximum open cursors reached)
bug45458.phpt Bug #45458 (OCI8: Numeric keys for associative arrays are not handled properly)
bug46994.phpt Bug #46994 (CLOB size does not update when using CLOB IN OUT param in stored procedure)
bug47189.phpt Bug #47189 (Multiple oci_fetch_all calls)
bug47281.phpt Bug #47281 ($php_errormsg is limited in size of characters)
bug51253.phpt Bug #51253 (oci_bind_array_by_name() array references)
bug51291_1.phpt Bug #51291 (oci_error() doesn't report last error when called two times)
bug51291_2.phpt Bug #51291 (oci_error() doesn't report last error when called two times)
close.phpt connect/close/connect
coll_001.phpt oci_new_collection()
coll_002.phpt oci_new_collection() + free()
coll_002_func.phpt oci_new_collection() + free()
coll_003.phpt collection methods
coll_003_func.phpt collection methods
coll_004.phpt oci_collection_assign()
coll_004_func.phpt oci_collection_assign()
coll_005.phpt ocinewcollection()
coll_006.phpt ocinewcollection() + free()
coll_006_func.phpt ocinewcollection() + free()
coll_007.phpt collection methods
coll_008.phpt ocicollassign()
coll_009.phpt collections and wrong dates
coll_009_func.phpt collections and wrong dates
coll_010.phpt collections and nulls
coll_010_func.phpt collections and nulls
coll_011.phpt collections and strings
coll_011_func.phpt collections and strings
coll_012.phpt collections and correct dates
coll_012_func.phpt collections and correct dates
coll_013.phpt collections and correct dates (2)
coll_013_func.phpt collections and correct dates (2)
coll_014.phpt collections and strings (2)
coll_014_func.phpt collections and strings (2)
coll_015.phpt collections and numbers (2)
coll_015_func.phpt collections and numbers (2)
coll_016.phpt collections and negative/too big element indexes
coll_016_func.phpt collections and negative/too big element indexes
coll_017.phpt collections and nulls (2)
coll_017_func.phpt collections and nulls (2)
coll_018.phpt Collection trim tests
coll_019.phpt Test collection Oracle error handling collections and numbers (2)
commit_001.phpt Test OCI_NO_AUTO_COMMIT constant
commit_002.phpt Test oci_commit failure
commit_old.phpt ocicommit()/ocirollback()
conn_attr_1.phpt Set and get of connection attributes with all types of connections.
conn_attr_2.phpt Set and get of connection attributes across persistent connections and sysdba connection.
conn_attr_3.phpt Set and get of connection attributes with oci_close().
conn_attr_4.phpt Set and get of connection attributes with errors.
conn_attr_5.phpt Set and get connection attributes with scope end.
connect.phpt oci_connect()
connect_1.phpt oci_pconnect() & oci_new_connect()
connect_1_old.phpt ociplogon() & ocinlogon()
connect_old.phpt ocilogon()
connect_scope1.phpt Test oci_connect end-of-scope when statement returned
connect_scope_try1.phpt Check oci_connect try/catch end-of-scope with old_oci_close_semantics Off
connect_scope_try2.phpt Check oci_connect try/catch end-of-scope with old_oci_close_semantics On
connect_with_charset_001.phpt oci_connect() with invalid character set
cursor_bind.phpt bind and fetch cursor from a statement
cursor_bind_err.phpt binding a cursor (with errors)
cursors.phpt fetching cursor from a statement
cursors_old.phpt fetching cursor from a statement
dbmsoutput.phpt PL/SQL: dbms_output
debug.phpt oci_internal_debug()
default_prefetch.phpt oci8.default_prefetch ini option
default_prefetch0.phpt oci8.default_prefetch ini option
default_prefetch1.phpt oci8.default_prefetch ini option
default_prefetch2.phpt oci8.default_prefetch ini option
define.phpt oci_define_by_name()
define0.phpt oci_define_by_name()
define1.phpt oci_define_by_name()
define2.phpt Test oci_define_by_name types
define3.phpt Test oci_define_by_name() LOB descriptor
define4.phpt oci_define_by_name() on partial number of columns
define5.phpt oci_define_by_name() for statement re-execution
define6.phpt oci_define_by_name tests with REF CURSORs
define_old.phpt ocidefinebyname()
descriptors.phpt commit connection after destroying the descriptor
drcp_characterset.phpt DRCP: oci_pconnect() and oci_connect() with different character sets
drcp_conn_close1.phpt DRCP: oci_connect() with oci_close() and oci8.old_oci_close_semantics ON
drcp_conn_close2.phpt DRCP: oci_connect() with oci_close() and oci8.old_oci_close_semantics OFF
drcp_connect1.phpt DRCP: oci_connect()
drcp_scope1.phpt DRCP: oci_new_connect() and oci_connect() with scope end when oci8.old_oci_close_semantics ON
drcp_scope2.phpt DRCP: oci_new_connect() and oci_connect with scope end when oci8.old_oci_close_semantics OFF
drcp_scope4.phpt DRCP: oci_pconnect() with scope end when oci8.old_oci_close_semantics OFF
driver_name_11gR2.phpt Verify that the Driver Name attribute is set
dupcolnames.phpt SELECT tests with duplicate column anmes
edition_1.phpt Basic test for setting Oracle 11gR2 "edition" attribute
edition_2.phpt Set and check Oracle 11gR2 "edition" attribute
error.phpt oci_error() error message for parsing error
error2.phpt Exercise error code for SUCCESS_WITH_INFO
error_bind.phpt Test some oci_bind_by_name error conditions
error_old.phpt ocierror()
error_parse.phpt Test error handling when persistent connection is passed to oci_error()
error_set.phpt Check oci_set_{action,client_identifier,module_name,client_info} error handling
exec_fetch.phpt fetch after failed oci_execute()
execute_mode.phpt oci_execute() and invalid execute mode
fetch.phpt ocifetch() & ociresult()
fetch_all.phpt oci_fetch_all()
fetch_all1.phpt oci_fetch_all()
fetch_all2.phpt oci_fetch_all() - 2
fetch_all3.phpt oci_fetch_all() - all combinations of flags
fetch_all4.phpt Test oci_fetch_* array overwriting when query returns no rows
fetch_all5.phpt Test oci_fetch_all with 0 and -1 skip & maxrows
fetch_array.phpt oci_fetch_array()
fetch_assoc.phpt oci_fetch_assoc()
fetch_into.phpt ocifetchinto()
fetch_into1.phpt various ocifetchinto() tests
fetch_into2.phpt ocifetchinto() & wrong number of params
fetch_object.phpt oci_fetch_object()
fetch_object_1.phpt oci_fetch_object()
fetch_object_2.phpt oci_fetch_object() with CLOB and NULL
fetch_row.phpt oci_fetch_row()
field_funcs.phpt oci_field_*() family
field_funcs0.phpt oci_field_*() family
field_funcs1.phpt oci_field_*() family: error cases
field_funcs2.phpt Bug #41917 (invalid scale and precision)
field_funcs3.phpt oci_field_*() family: basic column types
field_funcs_old.phpt ocicolumn*() family
lob_001.phpt oci_lob_write() and friends
lob_002.phpt oci_lob_write() and friends (with errors)
lob_003.phpt oci_lob_read() and friends
lob_004.phpt oci_lob_seek()/rewind()/append()
lob_005.phpt oci_lob_is_equal()
lob_006.phpt oci_lob_write()/truncate()/erase()
lob_007.phpt oci_lob_write()/size()/load()
lob_008.phpt oci_lob_write()/read()/eof()
lob_009.phpt oci_lob_import()/read()
lob_010.phpt oci_lob_save()
lob_011.phpt oci_lob_copy()
lob_012.phpt oci_lob_export()
lob_013.phpt lob buffering
lob_014.phpt oci_lob_free()/close()
lob_015.phpt various tests with wrong param count
lob_016.phpt returning multiple lobs
lob_017.phpt returning multiple lobs (using persistent connection)
lob_018.phpt fetching the same lob several times
lob_019.phpt oci_lob_write()/erase()/read() with BLOBs
lob_020.phpt oci_lob_write()/erase()/read() with CLOBs
lob_021.phpt oci_lob_free()/close()
lob_022.phpt fetching the same lob several times
lob_023.phpt oci_lob_import()/read()
lob_024.phpt oci_lob_load()
lob_025.phpt oci_lob_read() tests
lob_026.phpt oci_lob_seek()/rewind()/append()
lob_027.phpt oci_lob_truncate()
lob_028.phpt Test descriptor types for oci_new_descriptor()
lob_029.phpt reading/writing BFILE LOBs
lob_030.phpt Test piecewise fetch of CLOBs equal to, and larger than PHP_OCI_LOB_BUFFER_SIZE
lob_031.phpt Test LOB->read(), LOB->seek() and LOB->tell() with nul bytes in data
lob_032.phpt oci_lob_write() and friends
lob_033.phpt various oci_lob_write() error messages
lob_034.phpt lob buffering - 2
lob_035.phpt oci_lob_copy() - 2
lob_036.phpt Exercise cleanup code when LOB buffering is on
lob_037.phpt Fetching two different lobs and using them after fetch
lob_038.phpt Array fetch CLOB and BLOB
lob_039.phpt Test CLOB->write() for multiple inserts
lob_040.phpt Bug #37706 (Test LOB locator reuse. Extends simple test of lob_037.phpt)
lob_041.phpt Check LOBS are valid after statement free
lob_042.phpt Check various LOB error messages
lob_043.phpt Bug #49560 (LOB resource destructor and refcount test)
lob_044.phpt oci_lob_truncate() with default parameter value
lob_null.phpt Test null data for CLOBs
lob_temp.phpt temporary lobs
lob_temp1.phpt closing temporary lobs
lob_temp2.phpt Writing temporary lob before binding
null_byte_1.phpt Protect against null bytes in LOB filenames
null_byte_2.phpt Null bytes in SQL statements
null_byte_3.phpt Null bytes in SQL statements
num.phpt oci_num_*() family
oci_execute_segfault.phpt oci_execute() segfault after repeated bind of LOB descriptor
old_oci_close.phpt oci8.old_oci_close_semantics On
old_oci_close1.phpt oci8.old_oci_close_semantics Off
password.phpt oci_password_change() for non-persistent connections
password_2.phpt oci_password_change() for persistent connections
password_new.phpt oci_password_change()
password_old.phpt ocipasswordchange()
pecl_bug16842.phpt PECL Bug #16842 (NO_DATA_FOUND exception is a warning)
pecl_bug6109.phpt PECL Bug #6109 (Error messages not kept)
pecl_bug8816.phpt PECL Bug #8816 (issue in php_oci_statement_fetch with more than one piecewise column)
persistent.phpt reusing persistent connections
prefetch.phpt oci_set_prefetch()
prefetch_old.phpt ocisetprefetch()
privileged_connect.phpt privileged connect tests
privileged_connect1.phpt privileged connect tests
refcur_prefetch_1.phpt Prefetch with REF cursor. Test different values for prefetch with oci_set_prefetch().
refcur_prefetch_2.phpt Prefetch with REF cursor. Test No 2
refcur_prefetch_3.phpt Prefetch with Nested cursors with INI setting.
refcur_prefetch_4.phpt Prefetch with REF cursor. Test No 4
select_null.phpt SELECTing NULL values
serverversion.phpt oci_server_version()
statement_cache.phpt statement cache
statement_type.phpt oci_statement_type()
statement_type_old.phpt ocistatementtype()
uncommitted.phpt uncommitted connection
xmltype_01.phpt Basic XMLType test
xmltype_02.phpt Basic XMLType test #2
File Name
bug60616.phpt odbc_exec(): Getting accurate unicode data from query
bug68087.phpt odbc_exec(): Getting accurate date data from query
bug69354.phpt Bug #69354 Incorrect use of SQLColAttributes with ODBC 3.0
odbc_columns_001.phpt odbc_columns(): Basic test
odbc_exec_002.phpt odbc_exec(): Getting data from query
odbc_free_result_001.phpt odbc_free_result(): Basic test
odbc_tables_001.phpt odbc_tables(): Basic test
File Name
bug70433.phpt Phar - bug #70433 - Uninitialized pointer in phar_make_dirstream when zip entry filename is "/"
File Name
posix_errno_variation2.phpt Test function posix_errno() by calling it with its expected arguments
posix_kill_basic.phpt Test posix_kill(), posix_get_last_error and posix_strerror() functions : basic functionality
File Name
bug68760.phpt Bug #68760 (Callback throws exception behaviour. Segfault in 5.6)
sqlite3_open_empty_string.phpt SQLite3::open test with empty string argument via the constructor
File Name
proc_nice_basic.phpt proc_nice() basic behaviour
File Name
bug70172_2.phpt Bug #70172 - Use After Free Vulnerability in unserialize()
bug70219.phpt Bug #70219 Use after free vulnerability in session deserializer
File Name
bug61139.phpt Bug #61139 (gzopen leaks when specifying invalid mode)
File Name
016.phpt CLI -a and readline
cli_process_title_unix.phpt Check cli_process_title support on Unix


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