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Test Failures

178 tests failed:

File Name
bug74093.phpt Bug #74093 (Maximum execution time of n+2 seconds exceed not written in error_log)
concat_003.phpt Concatenating many small strings should not slowdown allocations
File Name
bug27023.phpt Bug #27023 (CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS does not parse content types for files)
bug48203_multi.phpt Variation of bug #48203 with curl_multi_exec (Crash when file pointers passed to curl are closed before calling curl_multi_exec)
bug48207.phpt Test curl_setopt() CURLOPT_FILE readonly file handle
bug55767.phpt Test curl_opt() function with POST params from array with a numeric key
bug66109.phpt Bug #66109 (Option CURLOPT_CUSTOMREQUEST can't be reset to default.)
bug69316.phpt Bug #69316: Use-after-free in php_curl related to CURLOPT_FILE/_INFILE/_WRITEHEADER
bug79033.phpt Bug #79033 (Curl timeout error with specific url and post)
curl_CURLOPT_READDATA.phpt Test CURLOPT_READDATA without a callback function
curl_basic_001.phpt Test curl_exec() function with basic functionality
curl_basic_002.phpt Test curl_opt() function with CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER parameter set to 1
curl_basic_003.phpt Test curl_opt() function with POST parameters
curl_basic_004.phpt Test curl_opt() function with setting referer
curl_basic_005.phpt Test curl_opt() function with user agent
curl_basic_006.phpt Test curl_opt() function with CURLOPT_WRITEFUNCTION parameter set to a closure
curl_basic_011.phpt Test curl_opt() function with COOKIE
curl_basic_012.phpt Test curl_opt() function with CURLOPT_HTTP_VERSION/CURL_HTTP_VERSION_1_0
curl_basic_013.phpt Test curl_opt() function with CURLOPT_HTTP_VERSION/CURL_HTTP_VERSION_1_1
curl_basic_017.phpt Test curl_multi_exec() function with basic functionality
curl_basic_018.phpt Test curl_setopt() with curl_multi function with basic functionality
curl_basic_019.phpt Test curl_getinfo() function with CURLINFO_EFFECTIVE_URL parameter
curl_basic_020.phpt Test curl_getinfo() function with CURLINFO_HTTP_CODE parameter
curl_basic_021.phpt Test curl_getinfo() function with CURLINFO_CONTENT_TYPE parameter
curl_copy_handle_basic_001.phpt Test curl_copy_handle() with simple get
curl_copy_handle_basic_002.phpt Test curl_copy_handle() with simple POST
curl_copy_handle_basic_004.phpt Test curl_copy_handle() after exec()
curl_copy_handle_basic_005.phpt Test curl_copy_handle() after exec() with POST
curl_copy_handle_basic_006.phpt Test curl_copy_handle() with User Agent
curl_copy_handle_basic_007.phpt Test curl_copy_handle() with simple POST
curl_copy_handle_basic_008.phpt Test curl_copy_handle() with CURLOPT_PROGRESSFUNCTION
curl_file_upload.phpt CURL file uploading
curl_multi_getcontent_basic3.phpt Curl_multi_getcontent() basic test with different sources (local file/http)
curl_setopt_array_basic.phpt curl_setopt_array() function - tests setting multiple cURL options with curl_setopt_array()
File Name
dba_db4_003.phpt DBA DB4 File Creation open("c") with existing file
dba_db4_007.phpt DBA DB4 File Creation popen("c") with existing invalid file
File Name
bug76285.phpt Bug #76285 DOMDocument::formatOutput attribute sometimes ignored
bug76738.phpt Bug #76738 Wrong handling of output buffer
bug78221.phpt Bug #78221 (DOMNode::normalize() doesn't remove empty text nodes)
File Name
cve-2014-3538-mb.phpt Bug #66731: file: extensive backtraking
cve-2014-3538-nojit.phpt Bug #66731: file: extensive backtraking, with pcre.jit=0
cve-2014-3538.phpt Bug #66731: file: extensive backtraking
File Name
bug64076.phpt Bug #64076 (imap_sort() does not return FALSE on failure)
File Name
007.phpt InterBase: array handling
ibase_drop_db_001.phpt ibase_drop_db(): Basic test
File Name
ldap_sasl_bind_basic.phpt ldap_sasl_bind() - Basic anonymous binding
ldap_sasl_bind_error.phpt ldap_sasl_bind() - Binding that should fail
File Name
bug51647.phpt Bug #51647 (Certificate file without private key (pk in another file) doesn't work)
bug55283.phpt Bug #55283 (SSL options set by mysqli_ssl_set ignored for MySQLi persistent connections)
bug74021.phpt Bug #74021 (fetch_array broken data. Data more then MEDIUMBLOB)
mysqli_change_user_old.phpt mysqli_change_user(), MySQL < 5.6
mysqli_change_user_oo.phpt mysqli->change_user()
mysqli_pconn_max_links.phpt Persistent connections and mysqli.max_links
File Name
bug27303_2_11gR1.phpt Bug #27303 (OCIBindByName binds numeric PHP values as characters)
bug47281.phpt Bug #47281 ($php_errormsg is limited in size of characters)
bug71148.phpt Bug #71448 (Binding reference overwritten on php7)
connect_without_oracle_home.phpt oci_connect() without ORACLE_HOME set (OCIServerAttach() segfaults)
connect_without_oracle_home_11.phpt oci_connect() without ORACLE_HOME set (OCIServerAttach() segfaults)
connect_without_oracle_home_old.phpt ocilogon() without ORACLE_HOME set (OCIServerAttach() segfaults)
connect_without_oracle_home_old_11.phpt ocilogon() without ORACLE_HOME set (OCIServerAttach() segfaults)
lob_015.phpt various tests with wrong param count
pecl_bug16035.phpt PECL Bug #16035 (Crash with Oracle 10.2 connecting with a character set but ORACLE_HOME is not set)
privileged_connect1.phpt privileged connect tests
File Name
bug44618.phpt Bug #44618 (Fetching may rely on uninitialized data)
bug47803.phpt Bug #47803 Executing prepared statements is successful only for the first two statements
bug60616.phpt odbc_exec(): Getting accurate unicode data from query
bug69975.phpt Bug #69975 (PHP segfaults when accessing nvarchar(max) defined columns)
bug73448.phpt Bug #73448 odbc_errormsg returns trash, always 513 bytes
bug73725.phpt Bug #73725 Unable to retrieve value of varchar(max) type
bug78470.phpt Bug #78470 (odbc_specialcolumns() no longer accepts $nullable)
bug80147.phpt Bug #80147 (BINARY strings may not be properly zero-terminated)
odbc_columnprivileges_001.phpt odbc_columnprivileges(): Basic test
odbc_columns_001.phpt odbc_columns(): Basic test
odbc_exec_002.phpt odbc_exec(): Getting data from query
odbc_free_result_001.phpt odbc_free_result(): Basic test
File Name
bug66338.phpt Bug #66338 (Optimization binding of class constants is not safely opcacheable)
bug78106.phpt Bug #78106: Path resolution fails if opcache disabled during request
issue0115.phpt ISSUE #115 (path issue when using phar)
issue0149.phpt ISSUE #149 (Phar mount points not working this OPcache enabled)
revalidate_path_01.phpt revalidate_path 01: OPCache must cache only resolved real paths when revalidate_path is set
File Name
bug46127.phpt #46127 php_openssl_tcp_sockop_accept forgets to set context on accepted stream
bug54992.phpt Bug #54992: Stream not closed and error not returned when SSL CN_match fails
bug68265.phpt Bug #68265: SAN match fails with trailing DNS dot
bug69215.phpt Bug #69215: Crypto servers should send client CA list
capture_peer_cert_001.phpt capture_peer_cert context captures on verify failure
openssl_x509_checkpurpose_basic.phpt int openssl_x509_checkpurpose ( mixed $x509cert , int $purpose [, array $cainfo = array() [, string $untrustedfile ]] ) function
peer_verification.phpt Peer verification enabled for client streams
san_peer_matching.phpt Peer verification matches SAN names
session_meta_capture.phpt Capture SSL session meta array in stream context
sni_server.phpt sni_server
sni_server_key_cert.phpt sni_server with separate pk and cert
stream_crypto_flags_001.phpt Basic bitwise stream crypto context flag assignment
stream_crypto_flags_002.phpt TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2 bitwise stream crypto flag assignment
stream_crypto_flags_003.phpt Server bitwise stream crypto flag assignment
stream_crypto_flags_004.phpt Specific protocol method specification
stream_verify_peer_name_001.phpt Verify host name by default in client transfers
stream_verify_peer_name_002.phpt Allow host name mismatch when "verify_host" disabled
stream_verify_peer_name_003.phpt Host name mismatch triggers error
File Name
pcntl_exec_2.phpt pcntl_exec() 2
File Name
cache_limit.phpt Compiled regex cache limit
File Name
bug_69356.phpt FIREBIRD PDO Common: Bug #69356 (PDOStatement::debugDumpParams() truncates query)
bug_71447.phpt FIREBIRD PDO Common: Bug #71447 (Quotes inside comments not properly handled)
bug_73234.phpt FIREBIRD PDO Common: Bug #73234 (Emulated statements let value dictate parameter type)
bug_74462.phpt PDO_Firebird: Bug #74462 Returns only NULLs for boolean fields
File Name
pdo_mysql___construct.phpt MySQL PDO->__construct() - Generic + DSN
pdo_mysql_exec.phpt MySQL PDO->exec(), affected rows
File Name
bug_69356.phpt OCI PDO Common: Bug #69356 (PDOStatement::debugDumpParams() truncates query)
bug_73234.phpt OCI PDO Common: Bug #73234 (Emulated statements let value dictate parameter type)
File Name
bug_65946.phpt ODBC PDO Common: Bug #65946 (pdo_sql_parser.c permanently converts values bound to strings)
bug_71447.phpt ODBC PDO Common: Bug #71447 (Quotes inside comments not properly handled)
long_columns.phpt PDO ODBC "long" columns
max_columns.phpt PDO ODBC varying character with max/no length
pdo_017.phpt ODBC PDO Common: transactions
File Name
bug67462.phpt PDO PgSQL Bug #67462 (PDO_PGSQL::beginTransaction() wrongly throws exception when not in transaction)
bug75402.phpt PDO PgSQL Bug #75402 Possible Memory Leak using PDO::CURSOR_SCROLL option
File Name
00version.phpt PostgreSQL version
15pg_delete.phpt PostgreSQL pg_delete()
File Name
posix_setrlimit.phpt posix_setrlimit(): Basic tests
File Name
bug76712.phpt BUg #76712 (Assignment of empty string creates extraneous text node)
File Name
bug64159.phpt Bug #64159: Truncated snmpget
File Name
bug73037.phpt Bug #73037 SoapServer reports Bad Request when gzipped, var 0
custom_content_type.phpt SOAP customized Content-Type, eg. SwA use case
File Name
mcast_ipv6_recv.phpt Multicast support: IPv6 receive options
File Name
proc_open01.phpt proc_open() regression test 1 (proc_open() leak)
File Name
proc_open02.phpt proc_open
File Name
006.phpt serialize()/unserialize() with exotic letters
File Name
bug70198.phpt Bug #70198 Checking liveness does not work as expected
proc_open_bug60120.phpt Bug #60120 proc_open hangs with stdin/out with 2048+ bytes
proc_open_bug64438.phpt Bug #64438 proc_open hangs with stdin/out with 4097+ bytes
proc_open_bug69900.phpt Bug #69900 Commandline input/output weird behaviour with STDIO
File Name
get_headers_error_003.phpt Test get_headers() function : test with context
File Name
bug43177.phpt Bug #61977 Test exit code for various errors
bug61679.phpt Bug #61679 (Error on non-standard HTTP methods)
bug61977.phpt Bug #61977 test CLI web-server support for Mime Type File extensions mapping
bug64878.phpt Bug #64878 (304 responses return Content-Type header)
bug65066_100.phpt Bug #65066 (Cli server not responsive when responding with 422 http status code): 100 status code
bug65066_422.phpt Bug #65066 (Cli server not responsive when responding with 422 http status code): 422 status code
bug65066_511.phpt Bug #65066 (Cli server not responsive when responding with 422 http status code): 511 status code
bug65633.phpt Bug #65633 (built-in server treat some http headers as case-sensitive)
bug66606_1.phpt Bug #66606 (Sets HTTP_CONTENT_TYPE but not CONTENT_TYPE) - GET request
bug66606_2.phpt Bug #66606 (Sets HTTP_CONTENT_TYPE but not CONTENT_TYPE) - POST request
bug66830.phpt Bug #66830 (Empty header causes PHP built-in web server to hang)
bug67429.phpt FR #67429 (CLI server is missing some new HTTP response codes)
bug68291.phpt Bug #68291 (404 on urls with '+')
bug68745.phpt Bug #68745 (Invalid HTTP requests make web server segfault)
bug69655.phpt Bug #69655 (php -S changes MKCALENDAR request method to MKCOL)
bug69953.phpt FR #69953 (Support MKCALENDAR request method)
bug70264.phpt Bug #70264 (CLI server directory traversal)
bug70470.phpt Bug #70470 (Built-in server truncates headers spanning over TCP packets)
bug71005.phpt Bug #71005 (Segfault in php_cli_server_dispatch_router())
cli_process_title_unix.phpt Check cli_process_title support on Unix
emptyheader.phpt Correctly handle split and empty header
php_cli_server_001.phpt basic function
php_cli_server_002.phpt $_SERVER variable
php_cli_server_003.phpt Bug #55726 (Changing the working directory makes router script inaccessible)
php_cli_server_004.phpt Bug #55747 (request headers missed in $_SERVER)
php_cli_server_005.phpt Post a file
php_cli_server_006.phpt Bug #55755 (SegFault when outputting header WWW-Authenticate)
php_cli_server_007.phpt Bug #55758 (Digest Authenticate missed in 5.4)
php_cli_server_008.phpt SERVER_PROTOCOL header availability
php_cli_server_009.phpt PATH_INFO (relevant to #60112)
php_cli_server_010.phpt Bug #60180 ($_SERVER["PHP_SELF"] incorrect)
php_cli_server_012.phpt Bug #60159 (Router returns false, but POST is not passed to requested resource)
php_cli_server_013.phpt No router, no script
php_cli_server_014.phpt Bug #60477: Segfault after two multipart/form-data POST requestes
php_cli_server_015.phpt Bug #60523 (PHP Errors are not reported in browsers using built-in SAPI)
php_cli_server_016.phpt Bug #60591 (Memory leak when access a non-exists file)
php_cli_server_017.phpt Implement Req #60850 (Built in web server does not set $_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME'] when using router)
php_cli_server_018.phpt Implement Req #61679 (Support HTTP PATCH method)
php_cli_server_019.phpt Implement Req #65917 (getallheaders() is not supported by the built-in web server)
php_cli_server_020.phpt Use SEARCH as a HTTP verb
upload_2G.phpt file upload greater than 2G
File Name
bug67198.phpt php://input is empty when enable_post_data_reading=Off
File Name
stream_isatty_err.phpt Test stream_isatty with redirected STDERR
stream_isatty_in-err.phpt Test stream_isatty with redirected STDIN/STDERR
stream_isatty_in-out.phpt Test stream_isatty with redirected STDIN/STDOUT
stream_isatty_out-err.phpt Test stream_isatty with redirected STDOUT/STDERR
stream_isatty_out.phpt Test stream_isatty with redirected STDOUT


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