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Valgrind Reports

177 valgrind reports:

File Name
closure_008.phpt Closure 008: Use in preg_replace_callback()
File Name
bug68819_001.phpt Bug #68819 Fileinfo on specific file causes spurious OOM and/or segfault, var 1
bug68819_002.phpt Bug #68819 Fileinfo on specific file causes spurious OOM and/or segfault, var 2
bug69320.phpt Bug #69320 libmagic crash when running laravel tests
bug71434.phpt Bug #68735 fileinfo out-of-bounds memory access
cve-2014-3538-mb.phpt Bug #66731: file: extensive backtraking
cve-2014-3538.phpt Bug #66731: file: extensive backtraking
finfo_buffer_basic-mb.phpt Test finfo_buffer() function : basic functionality
finfo_buffer_basic.phpt Test finfo_buffer() function : basic functionality
finfo_buffer_variation1-mb.phpt Test finfo_buffer() function : basic functionality
finfo_buffer_variation1.phpt Test finfo_buffer() function : basic functionality
finfo_file_002.phpt finfo_file(): Testing mime types
finfo_file_basic.phpt Test finfo_file() function : basic functionality
finfo_file_regex.phpt Test finfo_file() function : regex rules
File Name
ftp_nb_get_large.phpt Testing ftp_nb_fget can handle large files incl. resume
File Name
003.phpt InterBase: misc sql types (may take a while)
004.phpt InterBase: BLOB test
005.phpt InterBase: transactions
006.phpt InterBase: binding (may take a while)
007.phpt InterBase: array handling
bug45373.phpt Bug #45373 (php crash on query with errors in params)
ibase_free_query_001.phpt ibase_free_query(): Basic test
ibase_num_fields_001.phpt ibase_num_fields(): Basic test
ibase_num_params_001.phpt ibase_num_params(): Basic test
ibase_param_info_001.phpt ibase_param_info(): Basic test
ibase_rollback_001.phpt ibase_rollback(): Basic test
ibase_trans_002.phpt ibase_trans(): Basic operations
File Name
ini_use_exceptions_basic.phpt intl.use_exceptions INI setting
transliterator_clone.phpt Transliterator clone handler
transliterator_create_basic.phpt Transliterator::create (basic)
transliterator_create_inverse_basic.phpt Transliterator::createInverse (basic)
transliterator_create_inverse_error.phpt Transliterator::createInverse (error)
transliterator_get_error_code_basic.phpt Transliterator::getErrorCode (basic)
transliterator_get_error_code_error.phpt Transliterator::getErrorCode (error)
transliterator_get_error_message_basic.phpt Transliterator::getErrorMessage (basic)
transliterator_get_error_message_error.phpt Transliterator::getErrorMessage (error)
transliterator_list_ids_basic.phpt Transliterator::listIDs (basic)
transliterator_property_id.phpt Transliterator - "id" property
transliterator_transliterate_basic.phpt Transliterator::transliterate (basic)
transliterator_transliterate_error.phpt Transliterator::transliterate (error)
transliterator_transliterate_variant1.phpt transliterator_transliterate (variant 1, non-transliterator 1st arg)
File Name
ldap_exop.phpt ldap_exop() and ldap_parse_exop() - EXOP operations
File Name
bug43497.phpt Bug #43497 (OCI8 XML/getClobVal aka temporary LOBs leak UGA memory)
bug44206.phpt Bug #44206 (Test if selecting ref cursors leads to ORA-1000 maximum open cursors reached)
bug45458.phpt Bug #45458 (OCI8: Numeric keys for associative arrays are not handled properly)
close.phpt connect/close/connect
conn_attr_1.phpt Set and get of connection attributes with all types of connections.
conn_attr_3.phpt Set and get of connection attributes with oci_close().
connect_1.phpt oci_pconnect() & oci_new_connect()
connect_1_old.phpt ociplogon() & ocinlogon()
drcp_characterset.phpt DRCP: oci_pconnect() and oci_connect() with different character sets
drcp_conn_close2.phpt DRCP: oci_connect() with oci_close() and oci8.old_oci_close_semantics OFF
drcp_connect1.phpt DRCP: oci_connect()
drcp_newconnect.phpt DRCP: oci_new_connect()
drcp_scope2.phpt DRCP: oci_new_connect() and oci_connect with scope end when oci8.old_oci_close_semantics OFF
drcp_scope4.phpt DRCP: oci_pconnect() with scope end when oci8.old_oci_close_semantics OFF
driver_name_11gR2.phpt Verify that the Driver Name attribute is set
edition_1.phpt Basic test for setting Oracle 11gR2 "edition" attribute
edition_2.phpt Set and check Oracle 11gR2 "edition" attribute
old_oci_close1.phpt oci8.old_oci_close_semantics Off
File Name
bug60616.phpt odbc_exec(): Getting accurate unicode data from query
bug68087.phpt odbc_exec(): Getting accurate date data from query
bug69354.phpt Bug #69354 Incorrect use of SQLColAttributes with ODBC 3.0
bug71171.phpt Bug #71171 odbc_fetch_array generates SIGFAULT, variant 0
odbc_columns_001.phpt odbc_columns(): Basic test
odbc_exec_002.phpt odbc_exec(): Getting data from query
odbc_free_result_001.phpt odbc_free_result(): Basic test
odbc_tables_001.phpt odbc_tables(): Basic test
File Name
bug66338.phpt Bug #66338 (Optimization binding of class constants is not safely opcacheable)
bug71443.phpt Bug #71443 (Segfault using built-in webserver with intl using symfony)
issue0115.phpt ISSUE #115 (path issue when using phar)
issue0149.phpt ISSUE #149 (Phar mount points not working this OPcache enabled)
revalidate_path_01.phpt revalidate_path 01: OPCache must cache only resolved real paths when revalidate_path is set
File Name
bug41638.phpt Bug #41638 (pcre 7.0 regression)
bug44214.phpt Bug #44214 (crash with preg_replace_callback() and global variable)
bug44214_2.phpt Bug #44214-2 (crash with preg_replace_callback() and global variable)
bug52971.phpt Bug #52971 (PCRE-Meta-Characters not working with utf-8)
preg_filter.phpt preg_filter()
preg_match_basic.phpt Test preg_match() function : basic functionality
preg_match_basic_edit.phpt Test preg_match() function : basic functionality
preg_replace.phpt preg_replace()
preg_replace_basic.phpt Test preg_replace() function : basic functionality
preg_replace_callback.phpt preg_replace_callback()
preg_replace_callback_array.phpt preg_replace_callback_array() basic functions
preg_replace_callback_error1.phpt Test preg_replace_callback() function : error
preg_replace_edit_basic.phpt Test preg_replace() function : basic
preg_replace_error1.phpt Test preg_replace() function : error - bad regular expressions
preg_replace_variation1.phpt Test preg_replace() function : variation both arguments are arrays
preg_split_basic.phpt Test preg_split() function : basic functionality
File Name
bug_69356.phpt ODBC PDO Common: Bug #69356 (PDOStatement::debugDumpParams() truncates query)
File Name
bug62498.phpt PDO PgSQL Bug #62498 (pdo_pgsql inefficient when getColumnMeta() is used), 64-bit
File Name
copyonwrite10.phar.phpt Phar: copy-on-write test 10 [cache_list]
File Name
bug73037.phpt Bug #73037 SoapServer reports Bad Request when gzipped, var 0
File Name
bug44811.phpt Bug #44811 (Improve error messages when creating new SoapClient which contains invalid data)
File Name
dit_001.phpt SPL: Problem with casting to string
iterator_029.phpt SPL: RegexIterator
iterator_048.phpt SPL: RecursiveRegexIterator and exception in has/getChildren
iterator_050.phpt SPL: RegexIterator::GET_MATCH
iterator_051.phpt SPL: RegexIterator::GET_MATCH, USE_KEY
iterator_052.phpt SPL: RegexIterator::ALL_MATCHES
iterator_054.phpt SPL: RegexIterator::SPLIT
iterator_055.phpt SPL: RegexIterator::SPLIT, USE_KEY
File Name
get_headers_error_003.phpt Test get_headers() function : test with context
File Name
bug61139.phpt Bug #61139 (gzopen leaks when specifying invalid mode)
File Name
016.phpt CLI -a and readline
bug43177.phpt Bug #61977 Test exit code for various errors
bug61679.phpt Bug #61679 (Error on non-standard HTTP methods)
bug61977.phpt Bug #61977 test CLI web-server support for Mime Type File extensions mapping
bug64878.phpt Bug #64878 (304 responses return Content-Type header)
bug65066_100.phpt Bug #65066 (Cli server not responsive when responding with 422 http status code): 100 status code
bug65066_422.phpt Bug #65066 (Cli server not responsive when responding with 422 http status code): 422 status code
bug65066_511.phpt Bug #65066 (Cli server not responsive when responding with 422 http status code): 511 status code
bug65633.phpt Bug #65633 (built-in server treat some http headers as case-sensitive)
bug66606_1.phpt Bug #66606 (Sets HTTP_CONTENT_TYPE but not CONTENT_TYPE) - GET request
bug66606_2.phpt Bug #66606 (Sets HTTP_CONTENT_TYPE but not CONTENT_TYPE) - POST request
bug66830.phpt Bug #66830 (Empty header causes PHP built-in web server to hang)
bug67429.phpt FR #67429 (CLI server is missing some new HTTP response codes)
bug68291.phpt Bug #68291 (404 on urls with '+')
bug68745.phpt Bug #68745 (Invalid HTTP requests make web server segfault)
bug69655.phpt Bug #69655 (php -S changes MKCALENDAR request method to MKCOL)
bug69953.phpt FR #69953 (Support MKCALENDAR request method)
bug70264.phpt Bug #70264 (CLI server directory traversal)
bug70470.phpt Bug #70470 (Built-in server truncates headers spanning over TCP packets)
bug71005.phpt Bug #71005 (Segfault in php_cli_server_dispatch_router())
emptyheader.phpt Correctly handle split and empty header
php_cli_server_001.phpt basic function
php_cli_server_002.phpt $_SERVER variable
php_cli_server_003.phpt Bug #55726 (Changing the working directory makes router script inaccessible)
php_cli_server_004.phpt Bug #55747 (request headers missed in $_SERVER)
php_cli_server_005.phpt Post a file
php_cli_server_006.phpt Bug #55755 (SegFault when outputting header WWW-Authenticate)
php_cli_server_007.phpt Bug #55758 (Digest Authenticate missed in 5.4)
php_cli_server_008.phpt SERVER_PROTOCOL header availability
php_cli_server_009.phpt PATH_INFO (relevant to #60112)
php_cli_server_010.phpt Bug #60180 ($_SERVER["PHP_SELF"] incorrect)
php_cli_server_012.phpt Bug #60159 (Router returns false, but POST is not passed to requested resource)
php_cli_server_013.phpt No router, no script
php_cli_server_014.phpt Bug #60477: Segfault after two multipart/form-data POST requestes
php_cli_server_015.phpt Bug #60523 (PHP Errors are not reported in browsers using built-in SAPI)
php_cli_server_016.phpt Bug #60591 (Memory leak when access a non-exists file)
php_cli_server_017.phpt Implement Req #60850 (Built in web server does not set $_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME'] when using router)
php_cli_server_018.phpt Implement Req #61679 (Support HTTP PATCH method)
php_cli_server_019.phpt Implement Req #65917 (getallheaders() is not supported by the built-in web server)
php_cli_server_020.phpt Use SEARCH as a HTTP verb
upload_2G.phpt file upload greater than 2G
File Name
breakpoints_001.phpt Fundamental breakpoints functionality
breakpoints_002.phpt Preserve breakpoints on restart
breakpoints_003.phpt Test deleting breakpoints
breakpoints_004.phpt Test opcode breakpoints
breakpoints_005.phpt Test breakpoint into function context
breakpoints_006.phpt Basic function breakpoints
breakpoints_008.phpt Test namespaced and non-lowercase breakpoint names
bug73704.phpt Bug #73704 (phpdbg shows the wrong line in files with shebang)
bug73794.phpt Bug #73794 (Crash (out of memory) when using run and # command separator)
clean_001.phpt Cleaning must preserve breakpoints
clear_001.phpt Test clearing breakpoints
exceptions_001.phpt Properly handle exceptions going to be uncaught
exceptions_002.phpt Test exceptions in eval during exception
generator_run.phpt Ensure proper saving of EX(opline)
include_once.phpt include_once must include only once
info_001.phpt Test basic info functionality
normal_exit.phpt A script with die() must end "normally"
phpdbg_break_next.phpt Test phpdbg_break_next() function
phpdbg_get_executable_stream_wrapper.phpt Getting executable lines from custom wrappers
phpdbg_oplog_001.phpt Test phpdbg_*_oplog() functions
phpdbg_oplog_002.phpt phpdbg_end_oplog() alone must not crash
run_001.phpt Test argv passing
run_002.phpt Stdin and escaped args being passed to run command
set_exception_handler.phpt set_exception_handler() in phpdbg
stdin_001.phpt Test stdin input with breakpoints
watch_001.phpt Test simple recursive watchpoint
watch_002.phpt Test simple array watchpoint with replace
watch_003.phpt Test simple watchpoint with replace
watch_004.phpt Test detection of inline string manipulations on zval watch
watch_005.phpt Test proper watch comparisons when having multiple levels of indirection from a zval to its value
watch_006.phpt Test multiple watch elements pointing to the same watchpoint
File Name
bug67198.phpt php://input is empty when enable_post_data_reading=Off


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