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Expected Test Failures

40 tests failed:

File Name
access_modifiers_008.phpt Inconsistencies when accessing protected members
access_modifiers_009.phpt Inconsistencies when accessing protected members - 2
bug48770.phpt Bug #48770 (call_user_func_array() fails to call parent from inheriting class)
bug48770_2.phpt Bug #48770 (call_user_func_array() fails to call parent from inheriting class)
bug48770_3.phpt Bug #48770 (call_user_func_array() fails to call parent from inheriting class)
bug64896.phpt Bug #64896 (Segfault with gc_collect_cycles using unserialize on certain objects)
bug65784.phpt Fixed Bug #65784 (Segfault with finally)
method_static_var.phpt Initial value of static var in method depends on the include time of the class definition
File Name
DateTime_add-fall-type2-type3.phpt DateTime::add() -- fall type2 type3
DateTime_add-fall-type3-type2.phpt DateTime::add() -- fall type3 type2
DateTime_add-fall-type3-type3.phpt DateTime::add() -- fall type3 type3
DateTime_add-spring-type2-type3.phpt DateTime::add() -- spring type2 type3
DateTime_add-spring-type3-type2.phpt DateTime::add() -- spring type3 type2
DateTime_add-spring-type3-type3.phpt DateTime::add() -- spring type3 type3
DateTime_diff-fall-type2-type3.phpt DateTime::diff() -- fall type2 type3
DateTime_diff-fall-type3-type2.phpt DateTime::diff() -- fall type3 type2
DateTime_diff-fall-type3-type3.phpt DateTime::diff() -- fall type3 type3
DateTime_diff-spring-type2-type3.phpt DateTime::diff() -- spring type2 type3
DateTime_diff-spring-type3-type2.phpt DateTime::diff() -- spring type3 type2
DateTime_diff-spring-type3-type3.phpt DateTime::diff() -- spring type3 type3
DateTime_sub-fall-type2-type3.phpt DateTime::sub() -- fall type2 type3
DateTime_sub-fall-type3-type2.phpt DateTime::sub() -- fall type3 type2
DateTime_sub-fall-type3-type3.phpt DateTime::sub() -- fall type3 type3
DateTime_sub-spring-type2-type3.phpt DateTime::sub() -- spring type2 type3
DateTime_sub-spring-type3-type2.phpt DateTime::sub() -- spring type3 type2
DateTime_sub-spring-type3-type3.phpt DateTime::sub() -- spring type3 type3
rfc-datetime_and_daylight_saving_time-type3-bd2.phpt RFC: DateTime and Daylight Saving Time Transitions (zone type 3, bd2)
rfc-datetime_and_daylight_saving_time-type3-fs.phpt RFC: DateTime and Daylight Saving Time Transitions (zone type 3, fs)
File Name
dba015.phpt DBA with persistent connections
dba_db4_018.phpt DBA DB4 with persistent connections
File Name
bug42718.phpt Bug #42718 (unsafe_raw filter not applied when configured as default filter)
bug49184.phpt Bug #67296 (filter_input doesn't validate variables)
File Name
mysqli_poll_kill.phpt int mysqli_poll() and kill
File Name
bug_39858.phpt Bug #39858 (Lost connection to MySQL server during query by a repeated call stored proced)
bug_41997.phpt PDO MySQL Bug #41997 (stored procedure call returning single rowset blocks future queries)
bug_pecl_7976.phpt PECL Bug #7976 (Calling stored procedure several times)
pdo_mysql_stmt_nextrowset.phpt MySQL PDOStatement->nextRowSet()
pdo_mysql_stmt_variable_columncount.phpt MySQL Prepared Statements and different column counts
File Name
bug45712.phpt Bug #45712 (NaN/INF comparison)
File Name
open_basedir_linkinfo.phpt Test open_basedir configuration


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