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Test Failures

63 tests failed:

File Name
curl_file_deleted_before_curl_close.phpt Memory corruption error if fp of just created file is closed before curl_close.
curl_setopt_basic002.phpt curl_setopt basic tests with CURLOPT_STDERR.
File Name
DOMDocument_validate_external_dtd.phpt DOMDocument::validate() should validate an external DTD declaration
File Name
bug43073.phpt Bug #43073 (TrueType bounding box is wrong for angle<>0) freetype < 2.4.10
File Name
022.phpt gmp_gcdext() basic tests
File Name
imap_fetchstructure_basic.phpt imap_fetchstructure() function : basic functionality
File Name
007.phpt InterBase: array handling
008.phpt InterBase: event handling
File Name
ldap_sasl_bind_basic.phpt ldap_sasl_bind() - Basic anonymous binding
ldap_sasl_bind_error.phpt ldap_sasl_bind() - Binding that should fail
ldap_search_variation6.phpt ldap_search() test
File Name
mysql_field_flags.phpt mysql_field_flags()
mysql_pconn_max_links.phpt Persistent connections and mysql.max_persistent
File Name
bug51647.phpt Bug #51647 (Certificate file without private key (pk in another file) doesn't work)
bug55283.phpt Bug #55283 (SSL options set by mysqli_ssl_set ignored for MySQLi persistent connections)
mysqli_pconn_max_links.phpt Persistent connections and mysqli.max_links
File Name
odbc_columnprivileges_001.phpt odbc_columnprivileges(): Basic test
odbc_exec_002.phpt odbc_exec(): Getting data from query
odbc_free_result_001.phpt odbc_free_result(): Basic test
File Name
bug54992.phpt Bug #54992: Stream not closed and error not returned when SSL CN_match fails
sni_001.phpt SNI 001
File Name
bug_34630.phpt FIREBIRD PDO Common: Bug #34630 (inserting streams as LOBs)
bug_38253.phpt FIREBIRD PDO Common: Bug #38253 (PDO produces segfault with default fetch mode)
File Name
bug_61207.phpt PDO MySQL Bug #61207 (PDO::nextRowset() after a multi-statement query doesn't always work)
pdo_mysql___construct.phpt MySQL PDO->__construct() - Generic + DSN
pdo_mysql_exec_load_data.phpt MySQL PDO->exec(), affected rows
pdo_mysql_stmt_multiquery.phpt PDOStatements and multi query
File Name
bug_34630.phpt ODBC PDO Common: Bug #34630 (inserting streams as LOBs)
bug_35671.phpt ODBC PDO Common: Bug #35671 (binding by name breakage)
bug_36798.phpt ODBC PDO Common: Bug #36798 (Error parsing named parameters with queries containing high-ascii chars)
bug_38394.phpt ODBC PDO Common: Bug #38394 (Prepared statement error stops subsequent statements)
bug_39398.phpt ODBC PDO Common: Bug #39398 (Booleans are not automatically translated to integers)
bug_39656.phpt ODBC PDO Common: Bug #39656 (Crash when calling fetch() on a PDO statment object after closeCursor())
bug_43130.phpt ODBC PDO Common: Bug #43130 (Bound parameters cannot have - in their name)
long_columns.phpt PDO ODBC "long" columns
pdo_016.phpt ODBC PDO Common: PDO::FETCH_BOUND
pdo_016a.phpt ODBC PDO Common: PDO::FETCH_BOUND w/o :
pdo_017.phpt ODBC PDO Common: transactions
pdo_018.phpt ODBC PDO Common: serializing
pdo_021.phpt ODBC PDO Common: PDOStatement::execute with parameters
pdo_024.phpt ODBC PDO Common: assert that bindParam does not modify parameter
pdo_025.phpt ODBC PDO Common: PDO::FETCH_INTO
pdo_026.phpt ODBC PDO Common: extending PDO (2)
pdo_028.phpt ODBC PDO Common: bindValue
pdo_029.phpt ODBC PDO Common: extending PDO (3)
pdo_030.phpt ODBC PDO Common: extending PDO (4)
pdo_031.phpt ODBC PDO Common: PDOStatement SPL iterator
pdo_033.phpt ODBC PDO Common: PDO::quote()
pecl_bug_5809.phpt ODBC PDO Common: PECL Bug #5809 (PDOStatement::execute(array()) changes param)
File Name
17result.phpt PostgreSQL pg_fetch_*() functions
File Name
socket_strerror.phpt ext/sockets - socket_strerror - basic test
File Name
proc_open01.phpt proc_open() regression test 1 (proc_open() leak)
File Name
proc_open02.phpt proc_open
File Name
bug38802.phpt Bug #38802 (ignore_errors and max_redirects)
bug48929.phpt Bug #48929 (duplicate \r\n sent after last header line)
bug53198.phpt Bug #53198 (From: header cannot be changed with ini_set)
bug60570.phpt Bug #60570 (Stream context leaks when http request fails)
ignore_errors.phpt http:// and ignore_errors
File Name
006.phpt serialize()/unserialize() with exotic letters
File Name
bug49936.phpt Bug #49936 (crash with ftp stream in php_stream_context_get_option())
bug64770.phpt Bug #64770 stream_select() fails with pipes from proc_open()
File Name
bug32001.phpt Bug #32001 (xml_parse*() goes into infinite loop when autodetection in effect), using UTF-*
File Name
010.phpt function with many parameters


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